Get a Quote

Get a quote for your dumpster rentals in Houston. We’ve provided the convenient form below for customers to use to request a quote. All you have to do is fill in your contact information, e.g. name, address, phone number (optional) and email address. Then, select the sizes of the dumpsters you need and the type of debris you will be disposing of. The latter is important because specific dumpsters are required for certain types of debris, such as heavy debris. Once you have the form completely filled out just click the submit button and you’ll be all set!

Most quote requests will be received by our customer service team within 48 hours, but this can vary if your quote request is submitted after Thursdays. Since our offices are closed during the weekend we will typically receive quote requests from later in the week by Monday or Tuesday of the following week. Once we have received your quote request one of our service representatives will put together the estimate for you and have it sent back to you. If you indicated that you would prefer to be contacted over the phone, we will call you up and give you the rundown of your order. If you would like to you can go ahead and order your dumpsters based off the original quote. Any changes can be made while you are on the phone with our service representative. After that, they’ll have your order sent off to our Houston dispatcher and you can generally expect them to be delivered within two business days!

Why Rent with Us?

  • Our service department is here every weekday from 7am to 6pm
  • Order as many dumpsters as you need, no quantity limits!
  • Each dumpster can be used for household or construction debris
  • Request a pickup for your containers at any time
  • Need to be somewhere during delivery? No problem just let us know where to put the bins!

What really sets us apart from the rigmarole is our attention to the needs of our customers. We work with everyone to find the best disposal solution for their specific problem. Whether they need to remove some debris from their home after a nasty storm or just need to get rid of some spare materials from their latest remodel. We work with every individual on a one-to-one basis to understand the nature of their trash removal problem and what kind of service they are looking for. That helps us make a recommendation for their waste dumpster that perfectly fits their needs.

We are known throughout the greater Houston area for providing lower rental rates than any other trash hauler. And that isn’t a lot of hot air. Just take a gander at our pricing table on our Sizes page and you’ll see that we are being serious. Thanks to our aggressive cost-cutting measures we are able to reduce our prices to a much more affordable level. Plus, our prices are set at flat rates so you don’t have to worry about how much you will be charged. We give you the total price upfront!